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From Letter to Malaysia-Today by Lawyer Yap Chong Yee: Read HERE(Note: Judge (Datuk) Zainon binti Ali, is one of the 15 Judges in the Court of Appeal, headed by the President of the Court of Appeal, Malaysia, Judge (Tan Sri Dato' ) Haji Abdul Malek bin Haji Ahmad.)Excerpts: Read here for more
Dear Sir,Re: Charge against Judge Zainon binti Mohd. Ali for CRIMINALLY ABETTING RESPONDENTS IN THE COMMISSION OF THEIR CRIMIES.KL. High Court Originating Petition No: D2-26-41-2001 Lim Choi Yin v. McLaren Saksama(Malaysia)Sdn Bhd & 5 others.I was a registered member of the Malaysian Bar (1967 to 1978). In 2001, My wife took out a petition to wind up her company, but her petition was opposed by parties who are “trespassers” or total “strangers”; alleging ownership of share that were void according to the law laid down in the case of Kelepa Sawit (Telok Anson)Sdn. Bhd. v. Yeah Kim Leng (1990), Court of Appeal, quoted below.Judge Zainon J, the presiding judge acted pro-actively; and in a manner that made her abet the criminal actions and criminal conduct of the respondents.
I hold Zainon J personally liable and accountable for her own criminal conduct and actions.I charge Zainon binti Mohd. Ali J with abetting the following criminal offences under the penal code namely:(1) ABETTING PERJURY(2) ABETTING FORGERY(3) ABETTING CONSPIRACY TO COMMIT FRAUD(4) ABETTING FRAUD(5) ABETTING CONSPIRACY TO PERVERT THE COURSE OF JUSTICE(6) ABETTING PERVERTING THE COURSE OF JUSTICE(7) ABETTING CONSPIRACY TO OBSTRUCT THE COURSE OF JUSTICEI am charging Zainon J with abetting the respondents in their perpetration of the crimes of perjury and forgery and abetment of related offences as listed below in the performance of her duties as the presiding judge;
I charge her for protecting the respondents from prosecution by acting in opposition to the requirements of the law of evidence, procedure, and substantive law.
Judge Zainon at all times acted in a manner
- that extended her protection to the respondents Stephen Lim Cheng Ban, Wong Kem Chen and Kwong Sea Yoon from prosecution of the Laws; and- that at all times she knew that her actions concealed the criminal conduct of said respondents, and their crimes.
...I will give my right arm to know if Zainon J had acted so shamelessly because Inche Haris Onn bin Hussein Onn, son of former Prime Minister Tun Hussein Onn and brother to one of the serving Minister in the present government cabinet, and is one of the respondents.I refer to my wife’s petition registered under the title and Parties named in the Petition as reproduced at the bottom of this letter; and for convenience, hereinafter referred to as the said Petition.
Judge Zainon refused Petitioner’s application for leave to cross examine Respondents on their supporting affidavits to prove perjury.
Zainon J. criminally and dishonestly CONTRIVED the withdrawal of Petitioner’s application to cross examine Respondents as aforesaid above;
Zainon J. asked petitioner’s solicitor to request that Petitioner withdraw her application to cross examine Respondents; but Petitioner REFUSED to withdraw. Zainon J. then approved Respondents’ application for security for costs and denying Petitioner leave to cross examine;
Zainon J. postponed at least 8 times repeatedly the hearing dates set for the application for security for costs, and over a period of 3 and ¼ years; after that length of time, she awarded judgment in favour of Respondents in total disregard of Petitioner’s insistence that respondents’ affidavits were perjured; and upon Petitioner’s payment of RM60,000 Respondents quickly applied to STRIKE OUT said Petition.Read here for moreIN THE HIGH COURT OF MALAYA AT KUALA LUMPUR( COMMERCIAL DIVISION )ORIGINATING PETITION NO: D2-26-41 OF 2001In the Matter of McLaren Saksama (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (formerly) known as Relionus Adjusters Sdn Bhd)AndIn the Matter of Section 181 of the Companies Act, 1965AndIn the Matter of Order 88 Rules of the High Court , 1980BetweenLim Choi Yin ...PetitionerAnd1. Mc Laren Saksama (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd2. Wong Kem Chen (Nric No. 500807-06-5077)3. Stephen Lim Cheng Ban (Nric No. 3912914)4. Leong Yee Fook (Nric No. 560727-10-5651)5. Lum Siew Wai (Nric No. 4734145) ... Respondent-6. Haris Onn bin Hussein Onn (Nric No. 661124-10-5727) RespondentCOPIES:(1) Chief Judge Federation of Malaysia(2) Chief Judge Malaya(3) Zainon J. Court of Appeal(4) Chairman, Bar Council Malaysia(5) Secretary, Bar Council Malaysia(6) Prime Minister, Malaysia(7) Secretary General, DEMOCRATIC PARTY OF MALAYSIA(8) SECRETARY GENERAL, JUSTICE PARTY(9) PRACTISING ADVOCATES AND SOLICITORS, MALAYSIA (randomly)10) EDITOR THE STAR MALAYSIA(11) EDITOR STRAITS TIMES(MALAYSIA & SINGAPORE)(12) EDITOR THE WEST AUSTRALIAN, PERTH(13) DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER TUN NAJIB BIN ABDUL RAZAK(14) EDITOR FINANCIAL TIMES AUSTRALIA(15) EDITOR THE AUSTRALIAN(16) CHINADAILY AND EDITOR THE NEW STRAITS TIMES(18) AUSTRALIAN HIGH COMMISSIONER TO MALAYSIA(19) HEAD CRIMINAL PROSECUTIONS, A.-G’S DEPARTMENT.(20) 100 copies will be sent to randomly chosen legal practitioners KL Yap Chong Yee5a Prinsep RoadAttadale, WA6156Tel.(08)93302547Date : 7th Feb.,

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