Thursday, February 7, 2008



I call on my Chinese and Indian brothers NOT TO VOTE FOR MCA MIC AND GERAKAN, because a vote to any of these bloodsuckers is a vote for UMNO. We have lived under the UMNO government for more than 50 years and in that time we Chinese & Indians were led by those MCA, MIC & Gerakan traitors to our people. Malaysia today is the same Malaysia of 50 years ago; Malaysia is still RACE BASED and Chinese & Indians are at the rock bottom of the pile; we do not want to be the “sidekick” of UMNO. Chinese & Indians have been sold out to UMNO just so that a few political charlatan in MCA can become MINISTER and in MIC, this fucking Samy Velloo arsehole has been “MENTRI” for 30 years and he has become rich, while other Indians can hardly make ends meed.

There is a myth that our Chinese can do well in Bussiness, but that is only possible if Chinese are allowed to function in an environment of the level playing field, but Chinese people must admit to themselves that we Chinese are no miracle worker. We cannot do well if we are prohibited from operating fairly; AND UNDER THE DOMINATION AND OPPRESSION OF UMNO, we Chinese & Indians are fucking deprived of the simple opportunity to operate. WHATEVER GOVERNMENT CONTRACTS ARE AWARDED GOES TO MALAYS AND THE MALAY CONTRATOR KNOWS FUCK ALL ABOUT COMPLETING THE CONTRACT AND HE GOES TO FIND A CHINESE TO DO THE CONTRACT; this makes the Malay who knows fuck all TAKE THE LIONS SHARE OF THE PROFITS. What is worst is the fact the Chinese contractor seldom gets paid or if at all after a very long delay.

UMNO has become a Malay Masonic lodge of a small group of very privileged Malays who think nothing of corrupting the system to enrich themselves. I say to our Chinese & Indian comrades NOT VOTE MCA, MIC & GERAKAN because a vote to them is a vote for UMNO. The curse of UMNO has to be broken. UMNO is the DAM WALL that holds up progress of all Malaysians to wards a UNITED MALAYSIA of one people NOT THE DOMINATION OF MALAYS OVER THE MARGINALISED CHINESE & INDINS. This is the year when UMNO is led by a Prime Minister who sleeps at Parliamentary Sessions and this is the year that UMNO can be broken. I say to all our Chinese & Indian comrades to UNITE, and I say to those who would lead Chinese & Indians not to fight over “SEATS and for them not to seek “PANKAT” ( high social status ).

I read in this morning’s STAR.COM.MY a very powerful article written by a Malay (forget his name) and he argues along the same lines as I have argued in my blog at, that our entire focus ought to be directed towards defeating UMNO in all ways that we can think of because it is UMNO that seeks to dominate and hold dictatorship over the Chinese & Indians. We need to concentrate all our efforts towards support of PAS, DAP and Keadilan. I have even gone to propose that dato Seri be the “OPPOSITION” SUPREMOE so that any overly ambitious persons who only wants “pankat” will be eliminated. Dato Seri must be trusted to DICTATE who is the most likely to win election for the constituency. Do not fight for “seats”. We are most interested to gain a FREE & JUST MALAYSIA FOR ALL MALAYSIANS AS ONE PEOPLE. To achieve this noble objective we need to OBLITERATE UMNO; a party that has for too long brought nothing but hardship to all Chinese & Indians. This fact is also known among Malays who do not have strong connection to powerful members of UMNO. Ordinary Malays do not get privileges; only those who have connection enjoy opportunities.

The first task for any new government that comes in on the ouster of the UMNO government IS TO REFORM THE JUDICIARY, so that Judges will enforce and faithfully apply the existing laws and not pervert the course of justice, as has been done today. Malaysia has a broken down 3rd rate and 3rd class, 3rd world judiciary; this is a pity because in the old days we could reply on our judiciary to deliver a just outcome, but not any more in todays Malaysia. There are several cases when Judges are found not to apply the law as they are obliged to do; but instead to act so obviously out side the law to achieve an agenda that is purely selfish and personal either for corrupt personal gain or to achieve what the government wants. I have written so many comments about the but it has gone unheard. It is indeed regrettable that those who destroy the judiciary, do not ven stop to think that when one has CONNECTION ONE GETS ONE’S WAY by perverting the law; but then they who do these perversion of the law do not bother to think that why they are out of office, the injustice and hardship may fall on them who subvert the professionalism and ethical conduct of the judges. A good example is that of Tun Mahatir, He has retired but a god will have it Tun Mahatir is working “over-drive” to GAIN JUSTICE AND THE RULE OF LAW, the sanctity of the rule of law, that he had subverted himself when he was PM.

The English Common Law that is the law of Malaysia does not need any drastic changes and there are adequate provision in our Malaysian Law to achieve justice according to law. There exist adequate provisions in English Criminal law to punish and remove judges for abuse of their powers; as for example my campaign to expose Judge Zainon binti Mohd. Ali for perverting the course of justice. She was the presiding judge in my wife’s petition and judge Zainon binti Mohd. Ali acted to aid & abet the respondents, Wong Kem Chen, Stephen Lim Cheng Ban and Kwong Sea Yoon to PERJURE & FORGE MY WIFE’S SIGNATURE AND JUDGE ZAINON BINTI MOHD. ALI knew that my wife’s and my charges are correct and true; and in spite of this knowledge she went on to act in a most ridiculous, shameful and ignorant manner, so much so that her actions became criminal and she in fact face criminal charges of the most serious kind. The most obvious charge arise from her awarding tow conflicting orders (1) ORDER for security for costs, which my wife paid (2) Order for striking out petition. These two orders oppose each other and they cancel each other out so that her actions restored the life of my wife’s petition. Judge Zainon binti Mohd. Ali in her ignorance of her own actions is GUILTY OF RETAINING MY WIFE/S RM,60,000 UNSANCTIONED BY LAW. Judge Zainon binti Mohd. Ali acting in conspiracy with Wong Kem Chen, Stephen Lim Cheng ban & Kwong Sea Yoon having to commit perjury and forgery to obtain the RM. 60,000 had jointly committed conspiracy to obtain money under false pretences because at the time that the 4 parties took the said RM.60,000, they all conspired to cause the striking out of said petition. In addition, by the action of Judge Zainon binti Mohd. Ali approving respondents’ application to STRIKE OUT PETITION, she had intentionally and deliberately refused to ENFORCE HER ORDER FOR SECURITY FOR COSTS, even after Petitioner had paid her RM.60,000 pursuant to her order to provide security for costs. Her two opposing orders was meaningless nonsense; and illogical. In short she had committed the offence of MALFEASANCE and upon conviction face expulsion from her judicial appointment.

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