Friday, February 1, 2008



I wish to be fair to Dr. Dato Anwar Ibrahim and I wish to state very clearly that I DO NOT REPRESENT HIS OPINION; and that he does not know me in any capacity. I speak for myself and I hope to offer our Chinese brothers in Malaysia some useful opinions to advance the communal interests of our Chinese brothers.

I see Dato Anwar as a saviour for our Chinese & Indian brothers; I see a partnership between Dato Anwar and our Chinese & Indians as an opportunity for our people to break the iron grip of UMNO on restricting the advancement of our people. By my strategy of rallying our Chinese brothers to vote for the opposition, we Chinese can improve our standing in the political environment in Malaysia and we do not need any favours from either UMNO or even Dato Seri Anwar; we stand alone and by our own strength, and if the opposition will join with us we welcome it and with a Malay Prime Minister at the head, we can both progress together in fairness and with justice. WE JUST DO NOT NEED ANY SUPPORT OR PATRONAGE FROM UMNO OR EVEN KEADILAN; and that is the beauty of my strategy; and I can say for the first time in 50 years of Merdeka, we can really achieve a just SOCIETY THAT IS LAW BASED AND GOVERNED BY LAW AND NOT BY CORRUPT JUDGES WHO DO NOT KNOW THE LAW.

The Chinese & Indians do not need corrupt leaders and today’s MCA & MIC leaders are incredibly corrupt and we therefore REJECT THEM ALL. Let us Chinese & Indians look to ourselves for guidance, we decide for ourselves what is good for us and not be influenced by such dirty politicians as that Samy Velloo & that OKT fellow; we do not want to let them draw strength from our voting right. We need to abandon this Samy Velloo fellow; he is the face of the arch Indian traitor, who will sell his wife to retain his position in the BN. TIME TO GO SAMY VELLOO !

I am posting this second part of my 5 part article this morning because I had just (2nd of Feb., ’08) watched on Al Jazeera TV a discussion coming from their Washington station on this very subject of my discussion ie. The “LATINO” community aggregating the power of their LATINO VOTE in this year’s USA Presidential election and the effect and power of their vote as a community. I find this discussion valuable because the situation that the “LATINO” face is the same as that faced by our Chinese & Indian brothers in Malaysia. The Latino are quite often illegal immigrants ( a worse situation than our Chinese people in Malaysia because in Malaysia, Chinese & Indians are at least citizens, and the Latino is usually not). The lesson that we wish to point out is that in California the Latino vote has become the deciding “swinging vote”; this is also the position that I am asking our Chinese & Indians to wrest and hold and control in their own hands. It is important that we do not surrender our voting power en bloc to the treachery of those scoundrels in both the MIC & MCA, because if we look to their leadership then we will have surrendered our last hope to gain equal citizenship to these very scoundrels who bargained away our rights to the Malays for their own aggrandizement.

Coming back to my original discussion, the Latino vote today is wielded like a sword in California, the state that has the biggest population; they have put the main stream WHITES INTO SECONDARY POSITION because the whites are quite evenly divided into DEMOCRACTS AND REPUBLICANS; and the Latino vote although smaller is THE SWINGING VOTE between the two main parties. The Latino do not belong to any particular party AND THAT IS THE IMPORATNT STRATEGY, that we do not belong to either the MCA or the MIC and we vote guided by our own requirement and our own needs; and in Malaysia we Chinese & Indians want equal rights to citizenship and we do not want to be second class citizenship. THIS MY BROTHERS BOTH INDIANS & CHINESE IS VERY DEFINITELY WITHIN OUR REACH. Do what I recommend just for once and watch what effect it will have to change for the better our status as Malaysians. The beauty of my strategy is that we must not vote as member of the MIC or MCA, we vote for ourselves and guided by our own demands. I say to all my brothers in the MIC & MCA to reject their evil and selfish hold on your destiny and ignore those who approach you for your vote. Spit on their faces and vote opposition.


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