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ADOLPH HITLER sought to entrench the NAZI PARTY and make Nazism the German National Government to last for a 1,000 years; and to do that he demonized the Jews as sub-human AND THE FIRST MOVE THAT HITLER DID TO ACHIEVE HIS PROGRAMME TO ENTRENCH NAZISM FOR 1,000 YEARS WAS TO DESTROY THE GERMAN RULE OF LAW. Hitler did destroy German rule of law and he did slaughter 6 million Jews; and his justification for this insanity is that the Jews have gotten rich from sucking the blood of the German people. THIS INSANITY IS MIRRORED IN THE MARGINALISATION OF THE CHINESE AND THE UNDERMINING OF THE MALAYSIAN JUDICIARY. UMNO is adopting the thinking of HITLER. UMNO IS THE NAZI PARTY OF MALAYSIA AND OUR CHINESE BROTHERS ARE DEMONISED AS GETTING RICH FROM SUCKING MALAY BLOOD; but Malaysia has been independent for all of 50 years and in all that time it has been the UMNO that has been sucking Chinese blood. I say to my Chinese brothers to remember that it is the government of UMNO that has reduced the opportunities for Chinese & Indians from taking Jobs in the Malaysian Government; it was cited in a paper published by one Chinese Prof. From the University in Penang (don’t remember his name), that from day one of Malaysian independence, the ratio of Malays against non-Malays employed in the government services stood then at a ratio of 4 Malays against 1 non-Malay; BUT TODAY THE RATIO STANDS AT 99% MALAYS against 1% non-Malays. This madness is short sighted. Quite apart from the fact that this UMNO policy ONLY PUTS THOSE WHO ARE NOT CREDIT WORTHY AND DOWNRIGHT INCOMPETANTS INTO JOBS THAT ARE CRUCIAL TO THE DEVELOPMENT & PROGRESS MALAYSIA, the truth is more tectonic in proportion; the true progress on the ground where it counts HAS BEEN STYMIED BY INCOMPETANTS WHO THINK NOTHING OF FURTHER SUBVERTING THE ADVANCEMENT OF MALAYSIA BY THEIR CORRUPTION.

THE ABOVE ARGUMENT IS AND BY ITSELF THE REASON THAT IS AND WILL EVENTUALLY SIDELINE MALAYSIA’S POSITION IN THE ASIAN REGION. Malaysia will become the true “BOTTOM FEEDERS” of the tremendous progress that is achieved by Thailand, Vietnam, the Filipines and later even Cambodia & Laos will over-take Malaysia. To put my argument in context, of course Singapore has already achieved “DEVELOPED” 1st world status, while Thailand is trailing in 2nd place and 3rd place is VIETNAM followed by Filipines; Malaysia is not in the running. Malaysia can send another two “astronaughts” at the costs of another US$30 million each (whatever for is lost to me). REMEMBER THIS MY MALAY FRIENDS, THESE “ASTRONAUGHTS” are in fact space travelers and not properly “astronaughts”; while we are at it why don’t you UMNO types BUY THE RUSSIAN SOUYOUZ SPACE CAPSULE THAT INCHE FLEW INTO SPACE IN ? UMNO has not, merely undermined the Malaysian judiciary BUT UTTERLY BROKEN IT INTO PIECES. I read a criticism of Chief Justice Tun Ahmad Faroz on the internet that an issue arose relating to the election of the DAP candidate for the Federal Parliamentary seat of BUKIT BINTANG and the case went before Judge Ahmad Faroz, who awarded the BUKIT BINTANG SEAT TO THE MCA. This is utter nonsense because the job of Judge Ahmad Faroz is to decide whether the THE FUCKING ELECTION OF THE DAP CANDIDATE WAS VALID OR NOT FUCKING VALID. Judge Fucking Ahmad Fairoz WAS NOT EMPOWERED TO AWARD THE SEAT TO ANYONE THAT HE FEELS LIKE. His fucking job is to declare the seat fucking VACANT if there is any illegality or impropriety or irregularity; HE HAS NO FUCKING POWERS TO AWARD THE SEAT TO THE FUCKING MCA candidate. I believe he was influenced by the anomaly in the decision of the USA Supreme Court awarding the Presidency to George Bush and denying Al Gore his victory ! There are two different issues involved between the USA case and the Bukit Bintang case, too long to discuss. If fucking Judge Ahmad Fairoz had decided that there was irregularity in the electoral process, his job is to declare the election null and void and to declare the seat fucking VACANT then the seat has to be re-contested and a by-election to be held. This is what I mean UMNO has utterly DESTROYED THE MALAYSIAN JUDICIARY. Either Judge Ahmad Faroz is too stupid (he graduated from Uni of Singapore so he can’t be that stupid, NOT FUCKING TOO BRIGHT MAYBE BUT NOT STUPID ). Judge Ahmad Faroz knows what he has to do according to law but he chose to do whatever he fucking wants to. The Malaysian Judges attitude is “I WILL DO WHAT I PLEASE SO WHO IS GOING TO BE ABLE TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT, no court in Malaysia will hear your complaint, SO GO FUCK BY YOURSELF ! This attitude is the height of irresponsibility and for a judge to act in this manner can only be described as fucking lawless; MALAYSIA IS FUCKING LAWLESS.

In this respect I can cite my own case that went before Judge Zainon binti Mohd. Ali of the Malaysian Court of Appeal. and I believe is also on the bench of the Federal Court, the highest Court of the land. This fat arsed Judge has absolutely no idea of the law and if I were a Malaysian I will feel most ashamed of my judiciary, because Judge Zainon binti Mohd. Ali, quite apart from not knowing the law, she also has no elementary logic. She is so totally unable to define issues that I wonder how such an incompetent fat arse hole could ever have passed her law exams at all. In the interest of brevity I will discuss just one (if you wish to read how fucking stupid this fat arsed judge is and has been then go to my blogg http://yapchongyee.blogspot.com ) of the most obvious example from my own case and show how fucking ignorant of the law she is. My example is so obvious that we do not need any evidence to show what a fucking fool she was in that case.

My wife is the Petitioner and there were 6 respondents opposing her claim; and being Australian, respondents applied for security for costs in a combined sum of Ringgit 650,000 “to prove just one company resolution of the respondent company. Respondents PERJURED & produced documents that were alleged to be evidence and which Petitioner affirmed to be forgeries, to support their application for an order for security for costs. The law of evidence gives petitioner the right to cross examine respondents to prove that Respondents had perjured & fabricated evidence. These are very serious offences but to our surprise Judge Zainon binti Mohd. Ali refused our application for leave to cross examine. Judge Zainon binti Mohd. Ali then awarded respondents security for costs in the sum of ringgit 60,000 which my wife borrowed from our daughters at an interests of 30% per annum compound interest. Remember that pursuant to Judge Zainon binti Mohd. Ali’s order to pay security for costs, my wife had paid the sum ordered by Judge Zainon binti Mohd. Ali. In every jurisdiction in the whole wide world, this would automatically proceed to trial; BUT INSTEAD respondents went on to apply for order to strike out our petition for “showing no cause of action; THIS IS FUCKING NONSENSE, because my wife had already paid the ringgit 60,000 and if the respondents were unhappy they would have to appeal but they did not, but merely went on to apply for a second and fucking opposing order for striking out. THESE TWO ORDERS ARE LIKENED TO 2 LIKE POLES OF TWO MAGNETS STANDING SIDE BY SIDE TO EACH OTHER; THEY CANNOT BECAUSE THEY WILL REPELL EACH OTHER.

To cut to the chase, the legal situation standing at this point is that my wife’s petition is still a live case that is standing dormant and judge Zainon binti Mohd. Ali’s order for striking out is not LEGAL IN LAW (she faces criminal charges for MALFEASANCE and civil claim by my wife for civil damages for the tort of Malfeasance ). Judge zainon binti Mohd. Ali through her ignorance of the law had breached common law both criminal offences and claim in tort.

My wife have these claims and have the right to lay criminal charges in several other criminal charges, which it is not necessary to lengthened this discussion. I have written to Malaysian ATTORNEY GENERAL, CHIEF JUSTICE, PRESIDENT OF THE MALAYSIAN COURT OF APPEAL AND THE PRESIDENT & SECREATRY OF THE MALAYSIAN BAR COUNCIL; but to date there has been not a peep out of them.

Malaysia had a proud legal tradition until Tun Mahatir made Malaysia lawless today. We cannot get any enforcement of the Law because if the judges are corrupt or do not know the law there is nothing that we can do about it.

I will post this in my own blog :http://yapchongyee.blogspot.com because there are too many profanities in my article and out of respect for Prof. Dr. Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim I will post this on my own blog. I will write from time to time, I WISH ALL MY CHINESE BROTHERS KONG HEI FAT CHOY !

REMEMBER CHIN LAN ! A vote for MCA or MIC is a vote for the UMNO and all our problems spring from the evil spring of UMNO. Vote DAP, PAS or Keadilan for truth and justice according to law. NO MORE LAWLESSNESS.

Please also read my earlier post that FUCKING CHARGED JUDGE ZAINON BINTI Mohd. Ali with having committed criminal offences.

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