Friday, February 8, 2008


This post is to advertise my next coming posts, which I am privileged to write as an Australian, because if I remained a Malaysian I WILL SURELY BE DETAINED UNDER THE “ISA”. In this respect, I want to credit the efforts of China Peng and his nationalist movement that forced the BRITISH IMPERIALIST to withdraw and hand independence back to MALAYSIANS.

I will post this article in my own blog at I will do this because I am certain that Dato Seri Anwar does not and will not share my point of view. I will post this article on the 15th of Feb., I can assure all UMNO members that they will not like what I am about to say. On the other hand my article argues the case that MCA was intended by both the UMNO and the British colonial government to keep the Chinese community appeased when the British relinquished their “IRON” hold on Malaysia. I have to admit that this ploy had worked tremendously well over the 50 years of independence. In all this time that MCA had existed, the rights of citizenship of Malaysian Chinese had been trampled on with impunity by UMNO; Malaysian Chinese had no rights of citizenship whatsoever. I want to remind UMNO that Chinese & Indian Malaysians too have RIGHTS OF CITIZENSHIP, which you deny us because Malaysia is GOVERNED BY JUDGES AND NOT GOVERNED BY THE LAW AND CONSTITUTION OF MALAYSIA.


PS. To access Dato Seri Anwar's blog where I have been posting my articles, PLEASE GOOGLE "yapchongyee" AND CLICK ON "NEXT" THREE TIMES. On the 3rd click go to the column "V.K.LINGAM TAPES"


Husin Lempoyang said...

please no spamming all over teh place huh! You have a blog plse find a respectable way of advertising yr blog.

The way uou address teh minister is rude and improper title!

shltplnk said...

I agree. The Chinese are Low B (底B in Cantonese) and always vote in the wrong leadership for MCA. If the Chinese community can't even choose a smart and talented leadership for the party, and simply vote for whoever they are told to vote for, then Chinese are Low B! No wonder that up to the present day, Chinese are still having their noses pulled by UMNO and continue to blindly agree with their policies, particularly New Economic Policy which disadvantages Chinese and makes fools of our community! I bet the UMNO leaders in Parliament continually laugh and think how Low B the Chinese are!! Chinese are stupid, and the MCA Leaders are UMNO's good dogs!!! (I bet this is what UMNO think!)

No wonder Malay call Chinese 'Cina Babi' =)