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prof.dato seri anwar ibrahim, Phoenix Rises Part 4)


I will state at the outset that this Part 4 of my 5 Part discussion is in many ways the most important part of my argument. I like to observe that I do not re-read what I have written because as a fact I get a bit bothered by details and consequently I left my last sentence of Part 3 left unfinished, but that is OK, I will continue from there on.

I meant to say that as the MIC, MCA & UMNO are race based Parties, and relics of a colonial past, and that they have become real barrier blocks to the assimilation and UNION of all Malaysians into one common citizenship, THEY (MCA, MIC & UMNO) ALL NEED TO BE “BROKEN UP INTO SMALL PIECES ANS THROWN AWAY IN THE DUSTBIN OF HISTORY” AND REPLACED BY POLITICAL INSTITUTIONS AND PARTIES THAT CUT ACROSS RACE DIVIDES AND BECOME IDEALOGICALLY BASED POLITICAL PARTIES. There is no place for racism in Malaysia and yet we see those political hacks in the UMNO each trying to be more strident in their clarion call to rally the Malays to inflict more and more intolerable means to cause more and ever more UNHAPPINESS ON THE MONORITY RACES OF MALAYSIA. This is the direct consequences of RACE BASED POLITICS. My thesis is that only when UMNO is “neutralized” (or castrated ) will Malaysia become ONE NATION AND ONE PEOPLE. Therefore, from my perspective, Dato Seri Anwar’s Keadilan joined to the DAP plus the PAS is the correct solution for a modern Malaysia.

Fortunately for Malaysia, this is the year that will see the defeat of the BARISAN NATIONAL ALLIANCE; I can see from all the way in Australia that this coming election will be the last election to see the BN form government. I read in this morning’s STAR newspaper that PM Badawi had spent an inordinately long session at his press conference at the “Chinese Room” don’t know what that is; anyway this observation is indication that he is very apprehensive at the prospect of Gerakan loosing government, all the better for Keadilan, DAP and PAS in the coming election. I said that this part 5 is the most important part of my discussion and so it is because I am putting forward a proposal that is radically different from the politics of the past 50 years. MY STRATEGY IS FOR PAS, KEADILAN, AND DAP to publicly announce that they have jointly achieved consensus TO INSTAL DATO SERI ANWAR IBEAHIM AS THE SUPREMO OF THE ALLIANCE OF DAP, PAS AND KEADILAN AND THAT DATO ANWAR WILL BE THE PRIME MINISTER IF THEIR ALLIANCE GETS TO FORM GOVERNMENT AND THAT THE LEADER OF PAS WILL BE THE DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER, AND THAT MR LIM KIT SIANG WILL BE APPOINTED FOREIGN MINISTER OF THIS GOVERNMENT. I recommend that this arrangement be publicly announced as soon as possible.

I say to all the 3 leaders of Keadilan(Dato Anwar), DAP (Mr Lim Kit Siang) and PAS (leader ? I do not know who) This strategy is absolutely the mirror of what is fact is the position among the Alliance that form Barisan National, BUT with a difference UMNO is now in the throes of IRRELEVANCE AND UMNO IS LED BY A WEAK LEADER WHO VERY OFTEN SLEEPS DURING PARLIAMENTRY SESSIONS. There is the other more important difference, and that is that all 3 parties, DAP< PAS and Keadilan will focus on defeating UMNO; and for this aim I say to DAP that it is totally irrelevant how many “seats” DAP get or who will contest which constituency; I say since we have appointed Dato Anwar as our Supremo we give him dictatorship powers. My strategy is to project to the Malays that we CHINESE HAVE TAKEN UPON OURSELVES TO ABDICATE OUR STATUS AS EQUAL CITIZENS AND ONLY SEEK JUST AND EQUAL LEGAL STATUS WITH ALL MALAYSIANS. My proposal at first glance look like we have surrendered our rights as equal citizens, BUT IF YOU LOOK AT WHAT IS FACTUALLY ON THE GROUND, you will see that what have said in my proposal is already “FACTS ON THE GROUND” At least in my proposal we Chinese & Indians believe that with this new change we may find FRESH THINKING BY A MORE EDUCATED PRIME MINISTER AND HOPEFULLY A MORE VISIONERY LEADER IN DATO ANWAR.

In my proposal I touted the leader of PAS to be the DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER and this is to assure the Malays that this new alliance has also entrenched one of theirs as the number 2 leader of the government; therefore in every way ours is a mirror of the BN except for positive improvements to my proposals. I say to our Chinese & Indian brothers that we minority races in Malaysia have over 50 years in the Barisan National Alliance descended RIGHT DOWN TO ROCK BOTTOM and we cannot go down any further and for us the only way is UP from here.

I read in the Straits Times that Tun Mahatir said of the possibility of Dato Seri Anwar becoming PRIME MINISTER AS DAY DREAMING; I cannot disagree more; I see Dato Anwar as one of the GREAT ASIAN POLITICIANS OF THE 21ST CENTURY. Consider this, he was unjustly demonized by Tun Mahatir who Dato Anwar held in the highest esteem and of whom Dato Anwar considered as close to a father as they could ever be, and Tun Mahatir BETRAYED HIM. I remember reading of the incident which was published publicly that at the time of the 1987 financial crisis. It was said that the disagreement between Mahatir vs. Dato Anwar boiled to the surface and that Dato Anwar was advantaged and at the tipping point of DISPLACING MAHATIR AS PRIME MINISTER. Dato Anwar was called by Mahatir to Mahatir’s house to discuss an issue and that Dato Anwar found Mahatir in tears; at this point details are very sketchy but from accounts Dato Anwar “LET MAHATIR GO FREE”. Dato Anwar let his opportunity go and in politics that is fatal as it has been provened. THIS STORY SHOWS THE MAGNANIMITY OF Dato Anwar Ibrahim; a man with a heart of all out doors, and leader with a heart, a rare breed of man.

I say to Mr Lim Kit Siang, that age has cought up with him. Mr Lim has lost the fire of his younger years and today’s Lim Kit Siang is a mild & mellowed man, a picture of conservatism. Time to retire Mr Lim and let a younger man take the lead.

My strategy is to offer to Malays, Chinese & Indians a viable alternative to that is an old and tired UMNO that has never had any vision for Malaysia. Their only strategy whenever an election comes along is to play the RACE CARD. UMNO has no solutions other than to pick on the Chinese. 50 years of bullshit ! All Malaysians want an alternative and the duty of PAS, DAP and Keadilan is to give our Malaysian people an ARTICULATED ALTERNATIVE.

I say to Prof. Dr. Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim to pay NO HEED to the babbling of a crusty oil man’s rants. Tun Mahatir is retired and nothing is more helpless than a retired old man who still thinks he has people wanting to listen to him. Take the case of Dato Raffidah Aziz (Minister of Commerce) who when Mahatir was Prime Minister, she world gladly lick the shoes of Mahatir, and now that Mahatir is retired, she has no time even to take his phone calls. Mahatir is a bitter old man. Just pay him no heed.

See you guys for my 5th part.

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