Sunday, March 8, 2009


UMNO perpetrated a coup d'tate and there is no other way to say it; only the single word COUP D'TATE ! The government of Nizar was formally constituted by elected members of Parliament and having said that, how did this elected government which was properly constituted and had operated the Perak Government prior to the coup d'tate for a year, been locked out of office ? THERE IS NO WAY TO DENY THAT NIZAR'S PROPERLY ELECTED AND LIGITIMATELY FUNCTIONING FOR A YEAR GOVERNMENT WAS LOCKED OUT OF THEIR OFFICES BOTH FIGURATIVELY AND SPEAKING PLAINLY. What would you call such a situation ? COUP D'TATE !

I would say that the Peral constitution had properly provided for such a situation. The constitution had stated that the Perak Ruler had power to appoint but there is no power to SACK the Mentri Besar; and the situation was exactly that in this on going crisis; the Sultan had no powers to sack and for that reason HE ASKED FOR THE RESIGNATION OF NIZAR WHICH HE DID NOT GET BECAUSE NIZAR WAS TOO GUTSY TO ACCEPT CAPITULATION WITHOUT A FIGHT, AND FOR THAT ALL MALAYSIANS MUST DEMONSTRATE THEIR VOTE OF THANKS TO NIZAR AND GIVE HIM 100% SUPPORT.

What do you call the REVOLT BY THE POLICE AND THE WHOLE OF PERAK STATE ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES, if such rebellious actions is not a straight forward COUP D'TATE ? I believe every one is walking on egg shells because it was the Sultan of Perak who precipitated this constitutional crisis, when he refused to accept the CONSTITUTIONALLY AND CONVENTIONALLY MANDATED PRACTISE OF THE RULER ACCEPTING IN THESE SITUATIONS, THE RECOMMENDATION OF HIS CHIEF MINISTER. It is sheer disingenuity for the Sultan to say that he had spoken to the three government frog MPs and had duely ascertained that they WERE UMNO FRIENDLY INDEPENDANTS. I say again that Sultan Azlan Shah did not DISCHARGE HIS OFFICE ACCORDING TO THE SPIRIT OF THE PERAK CONSTITUTION, because the 3 defactors were from the Pakatan benches and they had campaigned on the Pakatan platform, and since they were voted into parliament on the back of a Pakatan ticket, the Sultan should have returned to the PEOPLE THE POWER TO ELECT THE CANDIDATE OF THEIR CHOICE. WITH DUE RESPECT TO THE SULTAN WHAT HE DID WAS WRONG BECAUSE BY HIS ACTION HE HAD BROUGHT INTO EXISTENCE AN UNELECTED GOVERNMENT OF HIS CHOICE AND THAT BY ANY LANGUAGE IS COUP D'TATE.

The Sultan too is subject to the Constitution and he holds office by the powers vested in him by the Perak State constitution; and he can only act within the powers that the constitution vest in him and nothing more. What Sultan Azlan Shah did was unconstitutional and is an abuse of his powers.

I am merely spelling out in the context of the topic of this article that reality has bitten the Pakatan Rakyat, and that by showing the extent and the depth that UMNO has infected the whole of the Malaysian culture. I hope to tell the people that UMNO has clenched their IRON FIST around the Malaysian machinery of government and that UMNO will not stop to consider what their actions will do to the prestige and stature of the ROYAL HOUSEHOLD so long as they get the short term support of the Sultan. Politics is all about perception and the actions of the Perak Royal Household is not shining too bright after this imbroglio.

UMNO has no qualms about perpetrating coup d'tte if it will perpetuate their everlasting stranggle hold on power. In this context I even doubt that UMNO will care to be seen to be open and fair in the next election because aafter that election, my take is that umno will take dictatorship powers. I say this because Pakatan has already taken a stranggle hold on the people's perception that Pakatan HAS THE OVERWHELMING SUPPORT OF THE PEOPLE. It is true that there is no going back to pre308, and that the Malaysia that will take the stage following the next general election will be formed by the Pakatan. The events that dog the Perak state government will be repeated by the intransigence of the UMNO and as I said earlier, the Malaysian political culture is distorted to the extend that the whole of the government machinery cannot think of a government that is not UMNO led.

The only way to defeat this malaise is to give Pakatan Rakyat overwhelming support, go out and tell all that you come into contact to give absolute support to the Pakatan and that if we allow the UMNO to win this time again then all is lost; THERE WILL BE NO NEXT TIME FOR AN ELECTION; Malaysia will by then be a dictatorship by UMNO ! Only a mass movement that give absolute support to the Pakatan Rakyat will save Malaysia !

REMEMBER THERE IS MORE THAN JUST THE NEED FOR reformasi ! out there! There is an urgent and dire call for PEOPLE DEFENSE FOR DEMOCRACY ! It is the final call to defend democracy by massive people power in defense of FREEDOM AND TO REPEL CREEPING DICTATORSHIP !

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