Monday, May 26, 2008

Comment on Rocky Bru on Tun Salleh Resignation

Other than to posture himself as a righteous man, AND FROM MY PERSPECTIVE this is another attempt by a Mahatir loyalist to draw attention away from the real issue that is hanging over the head of Mahatir; ie that scandalous Royal Commission report that calls for the investigation of the notorious "5".

For God's Sake, don't let "bodek" like this Mathias Chang divert your attention from the real work that lies before you as all Malaysians. Mahatir had done irreparable damage to all Malaysians, and this hatefilled racial divied between Malays Vs Chinese must find amiable resolution; we need to unite as ONE NATION and ONE NATIONALITY and we need to hold accountable the man who had exploited the division between Malays vs Chinese to account.

The most important focus for all Malaysians is to PUT PAKATAN RAKYAT INTO GOVERNMENT because only a party that promotes a Malaysian Malaysia will seek reconciliation of all the races in this nation. Just forget that pasky Mathias Chang who seeks his 15 minutes of fame.

What is it that gets Mr Mathias Chang up so riled up on this issue ?

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