Saturday, May 24, 2008


WHAT IS MAHATIR OUGHT TO BE THE QUESTION for this discussion rather than who is Mahatir, because there is no who is Mahatir. He is not really a Malay but an Indian but if you called him an Indian he will throw you in detention under the ISA. Is Mahatir a Malay nationalist ? No he is not a Malaysian nationalist either, because by his definition THERE IS NO MALAYSIAN MALAYSIA NATION since by his definition again THERE IS NO MALAYSIAN MALAYSIA. There is a Malaysia, according to him, whose citizens are ALL MALAYS (so if you are a Chinese, Indian or whatever you are not Malaysian, there is no Malaysian), because there cannot be any MALAYSIAN MALAYSIA since such a nation will make MALAYSIAN Chinese, MALAYSIAN Indinas, or WHATEVER MALAYSIANS, fully citizens of Malaysia; and if that is the logical argument then HOW DO YOU FIT A KETUAAN MALAYU into Malaysia ?

We have to assume that Mahatir is a very intelligent person. You know it is not easy to graduate Doctor of the Medical kind from Uni Singapore if you are not at the top of the scale of intelligence, but he is so bloody intelligent that he has had ALL THE MALAYS EATING OFF HIS HAND. It is something that you gallant Malays will not want to see, but really it does exist in the Malay psyche, you love to adopt ICONS, like this Pakistani genius girl who went to Oxford at a tender age ! You lot just simply went ecstatic, what a genius MALAY, and recently you had listed in Fortune 500 Malaysia’s richest man who is Malay, and you went into hoots ! In the same way Mahatir was adopted by the Malays because he is a doctor in those days there were very few Malay doctors. This was the unfortunate thing and it is quite normal that those who BECOME MALAY OR ANYTHING become more Malay or Chinese or Indians than the real Chinese or Indians or whatever ! The tendency to over compensate for what you are not; the tendency to show that you are the real thing you go to lengths to POSTURE BEING ONE.

Mahatir had done a lot that is Bad and retrogressive in shaping what Malaysia had become and all towards posturing himself as MALAY. He did know know what he did was bad for Malaysia and even today most Malays believe that Mahatir had been a true son of the soil (what a description). Mahatir had done this because HE AHD NO VISION, was a leader who is blind to what is good or what is bad. His single most damaging contribution to the Malay race is his NEP and the myth that it benefited the Malays. It is not now that the Malays will see him as the wrecking ball, but in time his legacy will be remembered by all Malaysians as the single most retrogressive influence for the forward progression of the Malays. Mahatir had divided the people of Malaysia as nobody has. THERE IS NO MALAYSIAN MALAYSIA ! There is therefore no Malaysia.

Let the truth be said that for all the fear that may come again like a May 13th, the seed of this fear is sown by Mahatir to cause fear and panic. He thoroughly believes that if he can get AAB out of the Prime Minister’s job he will escape the fate of the recommendations of the Royal Commission; I do not think so because HIS PRESENT CONTRIBUTION TOWARDS UMNO TODAY WILL PAVE THE WAY FORWARD FOR DATO SERI ANWAR TO GET INTO OFFICE; and from there Dato Seri need not so much as to lift a finger to do anything vengeful to Mahatir; he need just let the royal Commission’s recommendations take its natural course and Mahatir will enjoy free food and accommodation at government expense.

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