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Malay UMNO leaders have learned to “spin” and project a feel good factor into their public statements relating to their most diabolical projects and making them appear to be advantageous to their intended victims (their minority races). The Americans and the NAZIS are masters of this art (created by Dr Goebbels, Nazis Propaganda Minister and spin was the Nazis tool to implement Hitler’s holocaust and the eradication of the Jews in Europe); as for example George W. Bush had secret plans to attack Iraq and steal Iraqi oil, the Pentagon spin doctors put out a barrage of public statements that Saddam was a beast & dictator and had to be removed for the good of the Iraqi people. This is spin concealing their true evil purpose behind sweet words that are aimed at masking the evil behind the words.

I just heard “Syed Albar” explain that the Malaysian Government is very reluctant to abuse their Internal Security Act, to jail activists as they had done to Hindraff leaders. This is the most diabolical spin if ever I heard one. The Malaysian Government would at the drop of a hat resort to the excesses of the ISA for the slightest of excuses. I remember how the Government abused the ISA to jail willy nilly 2 bit gangsters who they can find no evidence to charge them with. I had last night visitors from KL for dinner and the discussion veered to the Hindraff riot and the jailing of their leaders for attempted MURDER ? This is the height of the abuse of the Law. The truth is the Malaysian Government never hold themselves accountable; they do as they please; even if their actions constitutes criminal behaviour, a situation that I personally experienced myself in my dealing with Court of Appeal Judge Dato Zainon binti Mohd. Ali. I will submit my next article on the UNETHICAL behavior of Judge Zainon binti Mohd. Ali.

Coming back to our dinner discussion, my guests tells me and I can see the sense in their point of view; that the Hindraff Riot was a peaceful demonstration BUT THAT THE POLICE WERE INSTRUCTED TO PROVOKE A VIOLENT REACTION. Why did the police act in that manner (with violent water cannons laced with dangerous chemicals; and tear gas grenades). IF YOU CARE TO EXAMINE THE VIDEO OF THE POLICE RESPONSE, YOU WOULD FIND THAT IT WAS THE POLICE THAT INTENTIONALLY PROVOKED FEAR & CHAOS, firing into unarmed & totally helpless Indians who were out to demonstrate their dire economic plight as citizens of Malaysia. The did not deserve such callous and overly harsh abuse by armed police who bludgeoned them to within an inch of their lives. My guests were correct in their assessment of the brutality of police over reaction; UMNO leaders planned to cause the ILLUSION OF POLITICAL UP HEAVAL SO THAT THEY CAN HAVE THE OPTION TO DELAY THE UPCOMING ELECTION SET FOR 2008 BECAUSE DATO ANWAR IBRAHIM WILL BE FREE TO CONTEST THE ELECTION by then. I truly believe that if the indications on the Malaysian political scene was that UMNO will not win they will use the excuse of the Hindaff to impose EMERGENCY AND POSTPONE THE ELECTION.

Consider this proposition, how is it that UMNO is able to govern Malaysia for the last 50 years, WHEN UMNO IS UNABLE TO WIN IN ELECTIONS IN KELANTAN & TRENGGANU (both predominantly Malay constituencies ) ? I do not believe that support from both MIC & MCA (both ethnic parties are not representative of Indian & Chinese support). In the MIC I do not believe that Sammy Vellu has the genuine support of the Indians, hence this riot demonstrates that he does not have their support. In the MCA, their leadership too is all self serving and the MCA does not truly represent Chinese interests. Both the MIC & MCA are retained by UMNO to give the semblance of across the board support of all the communities that make up Malaysian society BUT IN TRUTH THE GOVERNMENT DISHONESTLY MANIPULATES THE BOLLOT BOXES AS SHOWN IN THE RECENT ELECTION IN KUALA SELANGOR.

I had earlier written a letter posted on my blogg (re: that Malaysia is not a democracy at all, but an oligarchy, the government has been by the same few families. This is where I am stating my point that Malay UMNO leaders have learned to “SPIN” and under the cover of spin they project the illusion that the government is an elected one when in truth the election of UMNO is by trickery, by ballot box stuffing. ALL MALAYSIANS MUST WAKE UP TO THE FACT THAT THE GOVERNMENT OF MALAYSIA RETAINS POWER BY FRAUD. It serves no one in Malaysia be they Malays or Chinese or Indians. A nation is only as strong as when all thei people work together for equal rights & equal opportunities. I am not writing and arguing for equal rights for the Chinese, because I believe that our Chinese are better off migrating to Australia. I have also written in my last letter that the number of Chinese remains relatively the same number of 4.5 million at the time of Merdeka; this means that there has been very substantial emigration from Malaysia, mostly to Singapore. I am also not interested to put up suggestions for the improvement of Malaysia or any such fantasy because the mind set of the Malays are that Malaysia belongs to them and that Chinese & Indians are not true Malaysians, it is already the mind set of the Malays that they are the superior race and that Malaysia belong to the Malays; but who is to say NO ? On the other hand IF THE MALAYS ARE SO SUPERIOR, WHY DO THEY STILL NOW NEED AFFIRMATIVE ACTIONS ?

It is sad that of the 24 million Malays only a handful have it all for the last 50 years and they form the elite that hogs all the benefits for themselves and their children and yet they are unable to advance in real terms. The Malays of today is as deprived as they were and still are deprived today. I ask UMNO how many of the Malays have advanced in real terms today as they were 50 years ago. Yes ! There are many Malays living in the modern towns like PJ, BUT WHAT IS MORE TELLING OF THE TRUE SITUATION IS THE QUESTION, HOW MANY MORE OF THE 24 MILLION LIVE IN THE COUNTRY SIDE ? That is the more important question. From my perspective the true count of Malays benefiting from the NEP are the bureaucrats; and that could only be in the hundreds of thousands (NOT EVEN IN THE FUCKING 1 MILLION); then the question that follows is, what has happened to the other 23 million Malay rakyat living in the Kampongs ? What have they benefited for voting UMNO ? NOTHING, not a fucking thing. The true Malay rakyat has still to awaken to the fraud perpetrated by their UMNO leaders, look at the lifestyle of any UMNO chief and measure his lifestyle to your own, and you will find that he (UMNO Chief) is just not deserving for such extravagance. UMNO leaders have learned to spin and they have become Malay Party spinner of fine tales of the BOUNTY THAT COME FROM DEPRIVING THE CHINESE & INDIANS of their rights as citizens of Malaysia..

My perspective is for the races of Malaysia to abolish the UMNO ploy of racism that do nothing for everybody else except to the sole benefit of UMNO leaders. I will write in my next letter to argue that it is time for all the races to abolish affirmative action because it benefits only the very, very few in UMNO. It is time to change Malaysian leaders and support the OPPOSITION because the politics of UMNO is not relevant to the Malaysia of the 21st century. The illusions that UMNO tell the Malays are an ILLUSION, that is in truth a contradiction of what GLOBALIZATION really means.

I read with amusement when I read that Dato Najib love to use the word “globonomics”, of course there is no such word in the dictionary, but it is quite ligitimate to invent words in the proper context, provided you make clear what you mean by it. What Najib means is that the would is today “globalized”, but I think he does not fully understand what “globalization really means because the politics of UMNO is the diametrically OPPOSITE of what globalization means; it means that the world has become “without borders” and that the utopia of globalization is that labour, capital and skills will migrate to the country that will provide the most EFFICIENT MODEL OF PRODUCTION. This concept is not anything LIKE MERELY PROVIDING CHEAP LABOUR. That is the misunderstanding of the concept; China is not merely the source of cheap labour; but China today is the most efficient producer of what they produce and they have left the USA behind for dead. On the other hand the USA today is the most inefficient producer of what they produce because their wages are too high. THIS IS INDEED THE PARADOX; how can we say that the USA is inefficient ? and that China beats the USA in this field ? I say this because the means of production includes “land, human resources and stability anchored in THE RULE OF LAW. China has the equal of all these factors as those that exists in the USA, but China beats the USA in costs therefore China is able to produce at a fraction of the costs as that of the Americans. Just for example the graduating of engineers, China yearly producers a few hundred of thousands of these graduates; they even beat the USA both in numbers and quality.

Malaysia by contrast to the developments in China, is not competitive on the level of globalization because by the curse of racial discrimination, Malaysia has tied one hand behind their backs. It is not difficult to see that the students that the Malaysian Government so far has been sending abroad to study is not relevant to achieving the aims of preparing the nation to compete on a globalised stage. Malaysia does not have the talent pool to go anywhere. The world will pass Malaysia by and when you wake up you will be lagging behind such power houses like Vietnam, Thailand, Phillippines. Of course the Koreas, China, India Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan are worlds apart AHEAD OF MALAYSIA. You Malays will never see what is right there in front of you. You have the uncanny ability to dig your head in the sand.

Malaysia will never change because their leaders are not too bright and not to sophisticated in addition to their half baked ignorance. I highly recommend that all Chinese & Indians with acceptable skills & qualification to migrate to Australia. Remember for the first time Australia will take in 400,000 of these migrants over 10 years just for the state of QWestern Australia. MALAYSI BELONGS TO THE MALAYS.


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