Monday, December 24, 2007


“his Youth vice-chief S. Paranjothy over his remarks against Umno and UMNO Youth.He said the action against Paranjothy could be in the form of a suspension or explusion from the party. Read here for more “

From Malaysian Unplugged 2007-12-25

It has always been the corrupt leadership of the MCA-MIC-Gerakan that sells out the rights of the Chinese and the Indians; ever since the first days of Merdeka, It has always been about the grab for power by scoundrels who pass for leaders of the Chinese & Indians. These are vicious charlatans, half baked and totally lacking of morals, and do not have any qualms about selling out their constituents to grab for power. These men are not leaders of their community but thieves. Money is all that interests them and our Chinese & Indians just indifferently goes along with them like children running after the pipe piper of hemlin town.

To the Chinese & Indians who face the eternal problem of racial discriminations by the “RULING UMNO ELITE”, I say, it is time that you wake up to the reality that, those who claim to defend your rights as citizens of Malaysia are merely criminals; and that these scoundrels only have their greedy interests to pursue. Malaysia is today 50 years old and not one of the rights that UMNO has denied you been restored to you. MCA-Gerakan_MIC all the three main components have sold out the Chinese & Indians and with every passing year our Chinese & Indians’ rights as citizens of Malaysia have steadily declined. It is a zero sum process and it is gradually getting smaller and you would not even notice it. It is time to make those crooks in the MCA-MIC-Gerakan to pay the price.

I have said that our Chinese & Indian leadership have sold us out and for the last 50 years there has not been any Chinese or Indian leaders to lead our people. THIS IS MAINLY BECAUSE WE,CHINESE HAVE ACCEPTED OUR 2ND CLASS STATUS AND ARE COMPLIANT AND EVER READY TO EAT SHIT. We Chinese & Indians are willing to eat shit only because we believe, mistakenly that eventually the Malays in UMNO will restore our rights to full citizenship; but believe me this is the BAIT THAT THE MALAYS HOLD OUT TO YOU. It will never come. There is only one way out for you and that is to fight for your rights. If you had said this is easier said than done, I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU; and that is because every time the question of Chinese rights is raised (be it Chinese education or special privileges of the Malays) the Malays threatens to take to the streets and RIOT LIKE THE MALAYS DID IN “513” 1969. THIS THREAT IS A RED HERRING AND WE MUST HAVE COURAGE TO DEAL WITH IT STRATEGICALLY. Treat the “MALAY RIOTS” as if it was the “Malay Kris”, a MALAY WEAPON of war. Therefore what would one do if we have to face a hostile Malay force that comes to attack us ? We have to out manoeuvre them and what do we fight with ? This then is my discussion today.

We Chinese & Indians never say it but we know that such scoundrels like Dr.Koh Su Koon,leader of Gerakan, Penang wants to secure confirmation as the chief Minister of Penang. There you have it, the reason that Dr Koh wants to descipline Mr Paranjothy is so that Dr Koh can LICK THE ARSE OF UMNO. He does not care that he sells out his Chinese constituents. Therefore our strategy is to stop him from USING THE CHINESE POWER TO PUT HIM AS CHIEF MINISTER OF PENANG. Our strategy as Chinese is to openly desert him; let us stop him from selling us out. Let me suggest that we raise the flag of resistance to UMNO dictatorship by RALLYING TO THE SUPPORT OF THE HONOURABLE MR PARANJOTHY. I would also emphasise that I am not calling for the Chinese & Indians to take to the hills in revolt, although if I may say so myself, that is not too bad a thing for us to do. I AM MERELY SAYING THAT WE GO ON TO STRENGTHEN THE NUMBERS OF THE VERY TOKEN OPPOSITION THAT EXIST UNDER THE LEADERSHIP OF ANWER IBRAHIM and Mr Lim Kit Siang. WE NEED TO ORGANISE A MEANINGFUL OPPOSITION AND THEY ARE OUR MEANINGFUL OPPOSITION.

I am not saying that Anwer Ibrahim is a good or a bad man; from my past knowledge of his performance as deputy to Dr Mahatir, I believe he is not a good man; but what the fucks, we do not need a good man for leader, because in politics there are no good men (of course there is Lee Kuan Yew and he is the exception, but to those who know Mr Lee, he is not known to be a good man, and yet Singapore is not Singapore today were it not for Mr Lee there to mold it into what she is today). I will even go as far to say that Anwer is a bad man, but we need a Malay leader because we need a meaningful leader to mount a meaningful OPPOSITION and such an opposition needs a Malay leader, hence we need Anwer to lead. This is only on the leadership side of the ledger, but for the organization of mass support, I can see the forceful impact if we hang our flag of protest on this sham inquiry that has been mounted by Dr. Koh Su Koon against Mr Paranjothy. Tis is the occasion when we can gain the most publicity; UMNO FEARS PUBLIC SCRUTINY and so we can make a banquet meal of this sham inquiry mounted by Dr Koh Su Koon.

To Mr Paranjothy, I sincerely congratulate him for saying what has to be said without fear. To this man we must unleash our unstinting support; Mr Paramjothy GO TO MEET YOUR ACCUSERS AT THIS SHAM DISPLINARY HEARING AND THERE RAISE THE ISSUE AND THERE TO RAISE THE ISSUE SO THAT THE MEDIA CAN GIVE IT THEIR FULL COVERAGE. Do not fear, go there baravely like Daniel to the Lions. Do not fear that the Malays will rise up in RIOTING A’LA 513. For too long UMNO have threatened us and you need to consider this, what happens to Malaysia in the way of peace & harmony greatly affects foreign direct investments; UMNO will face consequences if they rioted again. It won’t be merely within Malaysia that we see consequences but telecast to the whole world.



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